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    Beetroot vegetable

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  • PawPaw


    Papaya is a fruit that has a vibrant colour, a cream-like texture, and a sweet and exquisite taste. They are also known as Papaws or Pawpaws. It has an exotic flavour that tastes like a cross between a mango and a cantaloupe with a mixture of citrus and butter. It is a versatile fruit that can be added to many recipes including side dishes, desserts, and cocktails. Enjoy it as a juice, as frozen fruit, or with toast for breakfast. Buy Papaya (Each) (Approx. 800 g – 1600 g) online now.

  • Red Cabbage


    Seasoned by nature with a mild, slightly sweet flavour, Red Cabbage used in a wide variety of dishes around the world. Raw Red Cabbage has a crisp texture and slightly peppery taste. When poached, roasted, or steamed, the vegetable becomes tender while retaining its crispness and vibrant colour. Red Cabbage pairs nicely with apples, cucumbers, onions and sweet bell peppers in salads. It is also good in soups and stews. So, go ahead, buy Red Cabbage 1 kg online now!

  • Sweet Corn 1 pc

    500RWF pc

    Also known as Maize, Sweet Corn is a cereal grain from the Mexican region. Crisp, sweet, and delicious, sweet corn is a summer staple. It tastes amazing when grilled, where the rich charring and smoky flavor it gets is hard to beat. You can use corn in salads, baked goods, casseroles, and various other recipes. Buy Sweet Corn 1 pc (Approx 250 g – 450 g) online now.

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