About Us

Who are we 

Kimironko market is a local e-commerce leading that connects thousands of buyers and sellers all around Kigali.

Kimironko market is guided by four principles: customer satisfaction, passion to deliver quality goods, commitment to excellent service and long time thinking. Customer reviews, 1 click shopping, personal recommendations. Kimironko market we exist to enable economic growth opportunities for all our stakeholders by just 1 click.

Kimironko market “fast” mentality is our approach of doing everything quick with energy and better service spirit for every customer. Your order is treated with discernment and it is delivered in style.
Kimironko market support team works tirelessly to make everything happen on time, the support team is available to support when you need help 24/7. You can reach us on email: [email protected]
Or call us on (+250) 787 550 065
Check this video tutorial for a better experience and better understanding.